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A Lesson in Perfectionism

Writing students can learn much from their heroes.  As an 18-year-old, J.D. Salinger was my main literary hero.  When I read a article about a new exhibit of Salinger notes and family-memorabilia coming to the New York Public Library soon,  I was inspired to write this critique and analysis of the article.

Critical Writing | Some Insight into an Inscrutable Man

Please read and comment, especially my over-all conclusion:

Part of my sadness  is thinking what he could have shared — if he hadn’t been striving for irrational perfection and hadn’t been second-guessing the public’s reaction.

Thanks, & happy writing.  VMK


I am an amateur author, literary critic, poet and screenwriter. As a recently retired banker, IT salesman and software configuration manager, I write about my passions which are: the magic of English rhetoric, speculative science, drama, music and —with a jaundiced eye—occasionally, politics. With the exception of a year at University of the Pacific's Mc George School of Law, I am a product of the California public educational system, from primary school through high school, two community colleges and , San Francisco State College pursuing an English Major with Creative Writing emphasis, in the early 1960s. While at SF State I was taught by professors like S.I. Hayakawa and Manfred Wolf. Doctor Wolf, now professor at the Fromm Institute of Lifelong Learning at University of San Francisco, was my professor of Critical Writing and a true mentor. Today he is still a close friend and occassional collaborator.

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